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Auto Buying Advice

With the exception of buying a home, a new vehicle is the most expensive purchase made in most people’s life. Therefore, buying a new car or truck is a major decision for most consumers.

For that reason, auto buyers should evaluate year-in-year-out transportation costs when shopping. You’ll want to look for a vehicle that retains its value well. Why? It’s because over the first five years of new-car ownership depreciation is a car owner’s biggest expense.

Fortunately, there are services to find the resale values of cars, trucks, sport utilities and vans. They include CarsDirect, Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds.

Best Overall Auto Resale Values

Make & Model Style 3 YR Resale Value
1. Toyota Tacoma 4WD Double Cab V-6 / manual transmission 61%
2. Subaru Impreza WRX STI Sedan 61%
3. Subaru Impreza WRX hatchback 60%
4. Mazda Mazdaspeed3 Touring / manual transmission 60%
5. Toyota Prius c One 59%
6. Nissan Versa S sedan / manual transmission 59%
7. Mini Cooper Hardtop coupe 59%
8. Toyota Tacoma 2WD Double Cab PreRunner / automatic transmission 58%
9. Mitsubishi Lancer SE / automatic 58%
10. Mini Cooper Clubman Coupe 58%
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