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Desktop vs Laptop Computer

The decision between buying a Macintosh or PC computer running the Microsoft operating system is always a heated debate. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, too numerous in this article. More often than not, the decision to be made is about what type of computer to buy

A desktop computer has many advantages over a portable computer. They are cheaper to buy, easier to repair, and all of the components are replaceable or at least serviceable. In addition, they are faster for the same money, easier to upgrade, don’t depend on a built-in screen, the screens are generally larger and there’s no battery to worry about.

A laptop computer is an excellent solution for anyone who needs to be portable yet have almost the power and functions of a desktop computer.

A very important consideration for laptops is battery usage time. While it’s almost always possible to hook up an external monitor, you want the display to be large enough for your needs. Laptop computers take up less room on a desk or table than a desktop and can be put away when not in use.

Drives are sometimes overlooked when considering a portable computer. A CD-ROM and DVD drive bay is essential. Most manufacturers will charge you extra for additional external drives. While floppy drives are rarely found on newer models, they may be necessary for some people.

In the case of both desktops and laptops, memory is and has always been an important consideration. Determine the amount of memory included in the computer as well as verify if that memory can be upgraded in the future. The more memory the computer has, the more efficient the computer will run.

The computer processor is and will always be an important consideration when purchasing a computer. Today, there are two main processor manufacturers: AMD and Intel. The speed of the processor is an important consideration as it is what will rate the speed of the computer and help the computer run faster overall.

Also with all types of computers, you will likely want a modem, network card for high speed Internet, and a Sound card. a Video card comes standard.

Essentially, the choice between desktop and laptop comes down to portability versus functionality and cost. While desktop computers are less expensive, more powerful and more user-friendly, there is a lot to be said for being able to do your work almost anywhere.

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